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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 8, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EST

2:00 am, blog, vote in the polls. in the meantime, keep it here on fox news channel, the most powerful name in news. go to and blog with us. can we shift this, cardboard boxs? professor, with love. >> kimberly: i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, greg gutfeld. 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five"! ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: if case you didn't hear, president obama won last night but america is facing the same problems today we did yesterday. we have millions of americans looking for work. trillions in debt. stock market dropped 300 points today. serious problems that demand leadership and serious solutions. after the divisive election americans hope mr. obama will compromise and get america moving back in the right
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direction. we'll start with the happiest man on campus. my goodness, mr. bob beckel. >> bob: let me say a couple of personal things. i thought romney's speech was the most gracious concession speech i ever heard. he deserves credit for it. the second thing i thought about was my dad, a civil rights worker. he was not alive to see obama get elected and i was thinking how it would be to see him be real. i was happy about the democratic party staying together and particularly happy for every black kid in america. positives out of that for group of people. the voters vote and that's all i want to say. >> greg: will the black kid be happy if he doesn't get a
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job? >> kimberly: thank you for doing that, minute-35. >> greg: i love feel-good voting but if you don't fix problems of the country -- personally, we're officially plucked. america is plunging to european socialist experiment. the left wanted since fdr. will it work? they don't care that the income is getting lower or unemployment or debt. a wife who ignores horrible husband because she can't imagine another life. >> bob: i was referring to the younger black kids in elementary school and that i thought was -- >> greg: they can get summer jobs. >> greg: i swore if obama won and i'm moving to another country. i am from texas. >> bob: jersey city.
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>> kimberly: involve happiness, please. facts, numbers. >> eric: let's half off to bob. great call. you almost nailed the electoral college. i woke up this morning and felt like i was trying to take it all in. where am i? where am i? am i mad or sad? like baseball. i'm a sports guy. you have a big game coming and get your butt handed to you. you don't cry. you brush yourself off, you get back up to the plate. you go again. that's what the republican party needs to do. say look, we made mistakes and we tack to the primary and maybe it's time to rethink, refocus on what we need. what is the message? focus the message and come back at it in 2014. the house votes and maybe even look at the senate votes. >> kimberly: a lot on the horizon. what should be message for the
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white house for how they communicate to the american people? if you look at the popular vote, it wasn't such a resounding victory. >> dana: i'm glad i got that question. would you think less of me if i cried just a little? [ laughter ] i actually did not -- friday night, i felt so strongly, i was bursting with emotion. following gallup and rasmussen and i was completely run. i want to congratulate president obama. i thought last night, when you had the picture of michelle obama and then the two girls, sasha and malia who have grown in lovely young women out of the public idea to credit to michelle obama's mother who has done that. coming out of it. where does president obama go from here? a lot of things are said never election. whereas mitt romney's speech was so gracious last night, president obama's left me a little flat. though i think everyone can feel that emotion with all the
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applauding. interesting to me that republicans, one of the things we talked about in the primary was republicans are going to have to win the independent vote. romney and all the polls, winning the independent vote. it turns out after america votes, that democrats don't even need to go for the independent vote anymore. if president obama wants to achieve big things he has the reach across aisle. president bush when he won in 2004, comes out of that after he won a device i victory like president obama. he tried to do two major things. social security reform and immigration reform. on both of those things, his own party in particular did not help him get it done. so president obama, i'm sure figure out some way to go across. how they do that part of it is probably their hardest job right now. >> kimberly: that is the crucial message on point. how they connect. he should try to do that. the speech last night suggested it. take a listen. >> i believe we can seize this
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future together. because we are not as divided as our politics suggest. not as cynical as pundits believe. we were made more than collection of red state and blue states. we are and forever will be the united states of america. [ applause ] >> greg: what baloney. he campaigned on divisiveness. the gender gap, the media and the democratic party convinced young women that from womb to tomb they had to be, they had to be coddled by the government. people standing in their way were evil white male republicans who want them to die in back alleys. the other thing, too, we're going to hear a lot about gridlock in the media. what that is, that is code for compromise which is further code for agreeing with obama.
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he did not get a mandate. if that is a mandate, i'm a mandrill. concern enough to embrace gridlock and fight harder for release. and they have to find young new fresh talent. that will do that. if people compromise the values, get rid of them. >> bob: wait. campaign did not make the mandates. we have a fiscal cliff that both parties have to decide there is a fox on both houses. they put it off more and more, longer an longer. now have coming home to roost. i don't think obama got a mandate, i don't think the republicans certainly didn't get a mandate. argue mandates and most people said that people should be taxed over 250,000. that is not the issue. >> greg: only mandate i buy you dinner tonight. >> bob: okay.
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>> bob: be careful. blaming george bush, when you vote for somebody, you don't agree with as the economic policies, are you going to find somebody to blame. there will were obama's voters who say it's george bush's fault. >> dana: that hurt. one said 75% of people. tim electorate believed it. believed the 47% and that they would be in a bad position if romney came in and he didn't care about them. better give the latino vote. other things going. women. listen to this. this is the president talking about you voted for action. talk about jobs. eric get your response. >> tonight, you voted for action. not politics as usual.
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you elected us on your jobs, not ours. in the coming weeks and month months, i'm looking forward to meet channels we can only solve together. >> kimberly: house majority leader. >> we have been the primary line of defense against people that spend too much, taxes too much and borrows too much left unchecked. there is no mandate for raising tax rates. >> kimberly: what do you make of that? >> eric: the speaker should never have done that, what he did. he went and took a victory lap. and it was not the right time.
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president obama's comments, we can't blame president obama. we knew who he was. for four years, we have known what he is. class warfare guy, divisive, maker versus taker guy. i have to sit back. americans, 50% of people voted, voted for more of that? four more years of that? it's our own fault. 12 million fewer people voted this time around. we need 12 million more people voting this time around to affect real change. get the economy back in line. get america back on the feet. >> greg: andy levy said something to me. we were at a bar drinking, 25% of the population that wants free stuff. another 25% that wants to give them free stuff. that is 50%. conservatives have to come up with a message that fights the idea of free stuff. that says that free will and free country cannot exist if you are dependent on the government for free stuff. >> bob: don't make it that simplistic. >> greg: democrats do.
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>> bob: it includes people on social security and medicare. you to deal with that. it's not people asking for handout. they put money away, expecting they were going to get it back. this is not an entitlement -- >> greg: how did that work out? >> bob: the reality is they still get it. we have to borrow and pay it. >> eric: will there be more or less people on food stamps four years from now? >> bob: far fewer. >> eric: that's not been the course. >> bob: the economy will change -- >> kimberly: i hope you are right. >> dana: in listening to president obama's speech last night and talking about it, we can go forward. we cover this every day. they haven't laid out any concrete plans to go forward. maybe they bring back simpson-bowless but they have work to do to convince and persuade their own party, let alone the independents and republicans. >> greg: you know who the big winner is?
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migratory caribou. they're never going have to face the keystone pipeline. >> kimberly: glad i'm wrap to you for that. >> greg: what are you talking about? >> kimberly: could president obama have won last night without the mainstream media? two, how exactly was he able to pull it off? which group secured his victory. answers to both ahead. stay with us. ♪ ♪ [ cheeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that? that's the sound of car insurance compani these days. here a cheap, there a cheap, everywhere a cheap... you get it. so, what if instead of just a cheap choice, you could make a smart choice? like, esurance for example. they were born online and built to save people money from the beginning. it's what they've always done. not just something they cheap about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: i can't say i was surprised by last night. one thing you count on is the feel-good aspect of voting for obama. that's why he gets votes. joining a gym, though you never go, the act itself satisfies, especially if you belong to the julia army. also, it doesn't hurt that many americans hate republicans for their mea-generated stereotype and distaste for the tingy old white men is as strong as the love for president "o."
2:17 am
how does the love persist? it helps to have friends in low places. gap when our unlikable reality and the likable president is presevened by a media providing cover for the missteps. can they continue to be? i don't see how. obama has big problems ahead and same place he was before. though he's smaller, dented and warn. the things the media ignored will make the lives unliveable. slinking incomes, rising debt. gas prices, looming battles with embolden enemies an assorted scandals. shooting hoops with scottie pippen may not be much else. america gave captain cool chance to finish the job. america owns it. hope that by the time he is finished there is still something left. >> kimberly: tell us how you really feel! take that. >> bob: uplifting message there. >> greg: no! it's a sober reality.
2:18 am
>> bob: i don't think it is. majority of people thought the country was starting to -- there is indication the economy is coming back, number one. number two, when you say we were doom here for four years, it takes away any possibility. if that is the attitude, republicans conservatives have we're not getting anywhere. >> greg: i'm positive about the next four years. republican loss is conservative game. >> bob: we had an election. you lost. >> greg: i know that. >> bob: is there a chance in the face of this, mr. will be another election, mid-term and corrections along the way. we have can't stand pat here and keep arguing with one another about you won't do this, you won't do this. at some point, somebody has togone here. >> greg:gone is gridlock to me. we disagree. >> dana: that is how the system is set up, for it to not work well. and it ends up working well.
2:19 am
say something to back up your point. mood of the country. 52% of the people thought the country was on the wrong track and majority of people said unemployment and rising prices were the most important issue. however, they like obama much more than romney and thought obama was in touch with them. when you talk about feelings versus your brain, that is the exit polls back up what you're saying. >> bob: keep in mind, the right direction, wrong track is way, way down from where it was three or four months ago. up in 70s. >> kimberly: but nevertheless, he is going to have to do something. i hope he didn't just have clinton and christie campaign for him. he needs to listen the american people and do something and come to the center. >> bob: look, he won here and it's not just him. republicans have to do something as well. not a one-way street.
2:20 am
>> kimberly: i'm not saying it is. but in the past he has been eluck tant to do so. hoping -- reluctant to do so. i hope it's not on deaf ears. he may have won, because he got electoral college vote but when you have half of the country extremely dissatisfiedsd with you to that extent that the election was close going in to it, to election night, that should tell him something. hope it's humbling. >> eric: call it what it is, mr. beckel. take the victory laps now and have fun with it, but you have a four-year lame duck president. you have a republican house that is not going to turn over likely in 2014. risk in 2014 with the senate. it may be a different map two years from now. >> bob: the risk in the next set of election, this is where you should have picked up seats. you lost two seats. this which is striking to me. the fact is you say to the young people, saying that the young people won't come out to vote. they were bigger percentage of the electorate than the last time around. get in to romney and republicans about the latino vote.
2:21 am
at some point, you have to keep in mind that with 72% of the electorate being -- [over talk ] >> eric: here is what you said. you said republicans have to reach across the aisle and work with president obama. >> bob: no, no, i said they both have to reach out. they both have to reach out. >> eric: how is he going to do that exactly? >> bob: by doing entitlement reform and hopefully the -- >> eric: you're saying obama doing entitlement reform? >> kimberly: don't hold your breath. >> bob: that is the negative thinking that will keep us -- >> greg: i love negative thinking. >> eric: come up with one thing -- >> bob: entitlement reform. >> eric: olive branch. >> bob: first, you don't need to give olive branch to right. they're small part of the country. >> eric: you said obama will reach across the aisle. >> bob: entitlement and tax reform. >> kimberly: he will put through what he wants to do, his way. >> bob: he can't do it in the house. >> dana: the reason some people are skeptical given the record of four years when he
2:22 am
had an opportunity, bipartisan commission comes together, simpson-bowles roadmap to get to entitlement reform it got pushed aside for politics. the same with immigration reform. tax reform pushes never anywhere in the last four years except for the one point that president obama said in 2010 lame duck he would not do, raise taxes on the rich in time of high unemployment and slowing economy, which is what we have now. i think that people are fright to be skeptical. if he decides to change and move to the center, that might be good. >> bob: one more point. he does not face another election. he may be a lame duck in that sense but he has to worry about a legacy and get things done. i don't think he sits around and just plays politics. >> dana: media will take care of his legacy. >> bob: i think he does worry about the legacy. >> greg: you see the end of the right and the right moving center. but when a candidate runs for office, they tack right. when did president obama put on the bomber glak metaphor call move to the right. face it. >> kimberly: that had shoulder pads, too. >> greg: coming up next,
2:23 am
karl rove advice on how to fix the g.o.p. after last night's big loss. also, what was dana's dog jasper's take on the election. ruff. ♪ ♪ ♪ fare thee well ♪ farewell ♪ mr. gloom be on your way ♪ ♪ though you haven't any money you can still be bright and sunny ♪ ♪ sing polly wolly doodle all the day ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: after last night's election -- we were speaking of cheese. last ignate's election the republicans increase majority in the house. democrats increase their majority in the senate. as we have been discussing, president obama handily won the white house for four more years.
2:28 am
one person i enjoy following on twitter is at political maps. i thought he set it up nicely with this quote. people have spoken. we're mad and we're going to take exactly the same thing we had before. last night, mitt romney had to give the toughest speech of his life. listen to this. >> i ran for office because i'm concerned about america. this election is over. but our principles endure. i believe that the principles upon which this nation was founded are the only sure guide to a resurgent economy, and to renewed greatness. like so many of you, paul and i have left everything on the field. we have given our all to this campaign. i so wish, i so wish that i had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction. but the nation chose another leader. and so ann and i join with you to earnestly pray for him and for this great nation. >> dana: so we'll talk now why we think he lost. there is a lot of monday
2:29 am
morning quarterbacking going on. all across the country. there will be for a long time. bob, i want to start with you. you taught political science classes at george washington university for many years. if you were holding class tonight, what do you think you would be looking for, from your students. what do you think is the point of the reason that you could point to one thing that romney lost. >> bob: demographic changes in the country. >> dana: not campaign tactic or strategy problems? >> bob: no. o'reilly thinks sandy has over the do with it. it had something to do with it. ground game for obama had a lot to do with it. in the end, demographic change. if you didn't get up to 74-75 of the vote being white, it was very difficult for any republican to win. the fact is, it was 72%. it's only going to get worse. which means that the republicans will have to figure out some way, not just romney. republicans have to figure out a way to reach in hispanic community. four generations of hispanics been here for a long time vote
2:30 am
republican. that is the natural place to be. for some reason the republicans come up with ridiculous people that talk about fences and sending everybody back and doing that stuff. all you do -- >> dana: let's talk about immigration in particular. i want to ask eric about the economy. in the primaries, which there were 12 or 13 candidates running in the primaries, romney went to the right of governor rick perry. then he doesn't talk about it further as he gets in the campaign. doesn't move anywhere. actually, really kind of lost steam when you talk about the dream act. the thing that is amazing that issue is so important. eric, what is so wrong with economic freedom, social mobility, and chances to have more money in your pocket than that is so, that doesn't translate to latinos. i don't get that. >> eric: $64,000 question today. hispanic, we can talk about that, kimberly can address it mostly. why did romney lose was the original question? number one, when you nominate a northeast moderate, that is
2:31 am
what is going to happen. number two, bob points out the demographic. unfortunately for the g.o.p. the -- it looks better for the crop coming true. ted cruz, martinez and marco rubio they will attack that and get bigger percentage of the demographic. and people voted to continue to get free stuff. o'reilly said it last night. my wife said it for three months. >> bob: o'reilly -- >> dana: you are not talking about the bail-out. all different government stuff. >> eric: all free money from people who have it. >> dana: kimberly, start with you. one problem for romney was early on, obama team very effectively defined him as rich guy out of touch. what do you think? >> kimberly: very true. they spent a lot of money. strategy that they were specific about. said look, we may not have the cash to come back if this doesn't work. spend money now while we have a chance to get and define him and he can't spend the cash to
2:32 am
tell even who he is. that ended up being a big problem for him. we didn't see romney bounce up until after the first debate. we know what happened after that. christie, clinton, class warfare and climate in the form of hurricanes. >> dana: i see. kimberly's analysis. we talk, bill o'reilly thinks hurricane sandy has a lot to do with it. >> greg: you cannot unrich yourself unless you're a liberal. if you're a rich conservative, you're not oppressed minority. you're like gone. i think everything changed when mitt romney failed to smack obama metaphorically on benghazi. the third debate, that first debate romney killed. he should have learned that that is what you what v to do. >> kimberly: do it again. >> greg: in the second and third debate. the turning point with p.j. cany crowley threw him off his game with the interruption. to mitt that told him lay off.
2:33 am
he laid off. huge error. it really believe that, bob. i know you don't agree. >> bob: you're just in denial. these little pieces here and there. the strategy -- i know, but romney could not have won with three good debates. >> greg: i know what you are saying. the demos don't care about the foreign policy. >> bob: part of it. the demo is the demo. we are talking about -- >> greg: i agree, i agree, bob. conservatives have to find a way to reach out to the new demographics and explain why freedom is better than free stuff. they have to do it and do it soon. they are getting young people like eric said involved in the process. having said that, the media interspearing iinterfering in oe biggest scandals in ten years is awful. that helped obama. it had to have. by the way, we're armchair quarterbacking. that's what we do here. >> bob: i understand that. you have to look at the largeer picture here. if the republicans not to recognize a problem, and look
2:34 am
at it as sandy and the rest of it is disservice to themselve themselves. >> kimberly: it's just not that simplistic. factors, we said he had an excellent get out the vote. even knows that. this is a campaign, they had excellent strategy. they played well. they knew what it took to win. that is it. what do you want me to say? bottom line. >> bob: republicans had no strategy to attract -- only republicans ever had was george bush. rest of you never learned that lesson. if you don't learn it you're destined to be a minority party for long time. 67% of the country is liberal. >> dana: we talked about who pushed the video. guy that was the main question. guy who made the video. one who was arrested by american authorities put in jail, he has been sentenced for a year. in jail for violating his probation. >> kimberly: for 2010 bank fraud conviction. lying about his identity. trust me, they don't bucket you for a year for that. it's all about his free
2:35 am
speech. >> greg: where is rolling stone and mother jones? >> dana: coming up, president obama, does he have a mandate after last night? charles krauthammer doesn't think so. why? you hear from the doctor next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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interruptions starts at #:00 eastern. now have back to new york and colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back. it woke up this morning and felt like this. >> i'm hurt. i'm tired of obama and mitt romney. >> that is why you're crying? ohhh! >> eric: when i logged on, there was 6,000 tweets on my twitter feed. it read every one of them.
2:41 am
most wanted you to know where do we go from here? look, i'm a sports guy. no crying in baseball. we have to focus on the prize. krauthammer has words. >> obama won but he has no mandate. he won by going small and negative. we are left as a country exactly where we started but a little bit worse off. >> eric: no mandate. greg? [ laughter ] >> greg: krauthammer! >> kimberly: he's right. listen, i mean, we were all watching it last night. anytime krauthammer is on, what do you do? turn up the volume. he is a smart man. i think he hit it right on the head. measured, he does the analysis. obviously, america needs to move forward. he is right about obama not having standing. this is nothing we're so in
2:42 am
love with obama, the country. happy with what he did. he has to stop blaming bush and everyone else. >> bob: listen, krauthammer, it's easy to be right on the money. it's the same guy, i have respect for but he hit it exactly wrong about that it would be over. no one can predict these things. unless you see what kind of people will turn out. >> eric: stay on topic. obama -- >> bob: as i said before, i believe mandates are created by -- not created by campaign. in virginia you thought the military would turn against obama. retired and active military split 50/50 between romney and obama. how do you explain that? >> eric: don't know. >> dana: i have one thing. >> eric: did obama have a mandate? >> dana: let's say that in the white house today they think they have a mandate. their problem is going to be they still have a senate, the united states senate to deal with. four of the new senators, four
2:43 am
of the democratic senators, three of the new ones are on record in their campaign saying they are again the president proposal to increase taxes on the wealthy. they are saying we should have common sense. extend the bush tax cuts. i think in north dakota she said the same thing. so unless they plan to go back on their word, that they just gave in the campaign, they have problems. however, that vote might not happen -- >> bob: let's -- >> eric: get greg in here. bobby, i love you. get on mandate. >> greg: mandate or not. he is not going to need a mandate. we'll see a litany of crud straight out of a grad student dream journal. the flood is coming. we're not greece overnight. we'll become england, then belgium and then greece. >> bob: can i say one thing? typically, five -- you have given away five senate seats because of the tea party and time to learn the lesson. three last tim and two this time.
2:44 am
>> kimberly: the tea party picked up 60 house republican seats. >> eric: let's see what happens in 2014. i agree, there are a couple of four seats that could have been republican. that will be one more away from the senate majority on the right. be careful what you say couple of weeks before an election. it wasn't just presidential politics last night, other crazy stuff went down. in american politics. we have great stories. directly ahead. ♪ ♪ de and ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: okay. lightning round now. let's go. eric? >> eric: quick, a lot of other things were on balance last night. we need to talk about. in arizona, grand canyon going back to the state of arizona and staying with the feds. i went back and stayed with the feds. that failed. how about condoms in porn movies in los angeles county? they voted to require condoms for porn movie stars. here is one. this one has most of us scratching our heads. not oregon, but washington
2:49 am
state and colorado voted to legalize marijuana. don't even know. one thing that is driving me crazy, only in 2012 is jackrabbit allen greyson -- that is spelled wrong. >> dana: allen. >> eric: g--e-y-s-o-n. he is elected initial florida. allen west so far is not. >> kimberly: the first name of allen greyson is spelled wrong. >> dana: what i want to talk about is the number of women in the senate. last congress, 17 women in senate. hutchison and snow were retire something down to 15. last night five women won. see them listed there. massachusetts, wisconsin, hawaii, maine, north dakota, that is great. >> greg: i don't. >> dana: 20 women total in the united states senate. government has been very good for women in terms of advancement compared to the private sector. and on corporate boards right now today only 13% is
2:50 am
comprised of women. senate is doing better. >> bob: greg? >> greg: chris matthews had something interesting to say about the election last night. >> i'm so glad we had the storm last week. because i think the storm was one of those things. no, politically i should say, not in terms of hurting people. the storm brought in possibilities for good politi politics. >> greg: all right. i'm not done. >> bob: sorry, i thought it was it. >> greg: he since apologized for the comment. i don't know why he had to apologize because that is how he really thinks. so did michael moore, who thanked mother nature for sending hurricane sandy to help obama. michael moore said you mother nature with your horrific damage, death and destruction, you caused last week became ironically the undoing of a party that didn't believe in you or your climate change power. hooray, people died we won an election. that's a left winger. ugly one at that. >> kimberly: that says it all. picture off the screen.
2:51 am
now to serious politics. celebrities, "us weekly" thinks it matters to the electorate. these are the comments, tweets going out last night from the wealthy celebrities that supported president obama. okay. take a look. adam levine, your favorite. big fight with him, right, greg? that's what happens when you [bleep] with sesame street. okay. whoopi goldberg. we as americans have work to do. we don't have time for your -- at all. president obama won. rihana put one in the air for the prez. dear obama. ricky martin, remember that 47%? >> dana: what about beyonce? >> kimberly: beyonce had one, too. >> dana: something about mitchs. >> kimberly: i thought it was fantastic. >> bob: me too. >> greg: he wasn't listening. >> bob: i was. i want to say after this all is said and done how right the polls were.
2:52 am
hour wrong people who kept dutching on polls were. take a look at four on the money for the most part. abc, nbc and pew and the ppp poll. the only ones off were the ones we kept focusing on in this show. which was gallup and rasmusse rasmussen. but nonetheless, the state polls were accurate. i give great, great deal of credit to pollsters out there. you did a good job and hit it on the money. when people say you were off and got it wrong. >> eric: you forgot one. fox news was on it as well. they went with d-6 and d-7. everybody said really? >> kimberly: fox news. i'd like to correct you. we have covered all of the polls on this show. as we do. >> greg: many polls. >> dana: ask greg. >> kimberly: polli tabis. >> bob: say this to you. one more thing. ♪
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>> kimberly: time now for one more thing. the election is over but the show has something special. >> bob: i would like to congratulate voters who stood in line, some very close places after the polls closed. you did magnificent job exercising the right to vote. the other thing in the one
2:57 am
more thing, eric and i had a bet about this election. in the spirit of bipartisan, i don't think you need to wear this. >> dana: c'mon! looking forward to this all day. >> kimberly: what are you running for office? >> dana: that was the only thick i wanted to see. >> bob: i don't think it's appropriate. >> eric: that was my one more thing. my dad said pay your bets and on time. >> dana: put it on. >> kimberly: he is not scared. >> greg: there is a group of people on the web who want you to put it on for sick reasons. >> kimberly: oh, my gosh. you're weird. >> dana: let's see it. >> kimberly: let's see. he is still going to look handsome. >> dana: profile shot. >> bob: you look like a raccoon. [ laughter ] skunk. >> eric: i swear to god i thought bob would be wearing the elephant hat. >> kimberly: things happen. >> greg: do your best. >> kimberly: bolling is that your one more thing? fine. >> dana: i talk about women senators but a new baby senator. born yesterday.
2:58 am
in utah. to wendy finch. let's see. the family, senator mike lee who is a utah senator stopped by to see the baby born. they named him senator rockwell bench. this is in murray utah. the mom said the reason they named him senator was she thought it would be a great name to give him respect with some room for scandal. then it would be really funny if he ended up being president senator. he is four pounds, 12-ounces. mom, baby happy. chris an wendy bench for parents. utah senator mike lee came by. and the press secretary, thank you for spending me that little cute saying on election day. >> kimberly: that was nice. greg? >> greg: robert did his part for obama. robbed a convenience store with a gun and told the clerk at gun point to vote for president obama while he was robbing him again at gunpoint. clerk said he was not allowed to vote. gunman said vote for obama. this is obama expletive before
2:59 am
fleeing. >> bob: who did that? you said robert? i don't want -- >> kimberly: a criminal. bad guy. >> greg: it might be a metaphor for something but i couldn't come up with it. >> kimberly: that was interesting. talk about puerto rico. check me out. they said we want to have staid hoot. they had a referendum -- statehood, and they had a referendum to avoid status quo and embrace statehood. this is the first time they have ever received a majority for this vote. now, president obama has said he would support a clear referendum and unclear if he will determine that 61%. more votes than he got. clear majority. big deal. other news they booted out governor bpeecuono who was a supporter of romney. he's really good. >> eric: does it make 58? >> dana: took the words out of my mouth. >> bob: never happen. >> kimberly: puerto rica


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